The SkyGlide team fly all year round.

Previous experience

Previous experience paragliding is not required by passengers. In fact, all passengers will receive brief instructions prior to take-off concerning the actual take-off, flight and landing.


We provide helmets, harnesses, hiking boots, windbreakers and warm overalls to all of our passengers. Feel free, however, to bring your own boots, jackets and gloves.


Nobody is too young or too old to fly. Passengers between the ages of 3 – 89 have soared through the air with us. All that we request is a signed consent form by parents/legal guardians for children and teenagers under the age of 16.


Tandem flight possibilities for passengers under 30kg (60lbs.) and over 100kg (200 lbs.) are assessed on an individual basis.

Required time

The expected time for a tandem paragliding flight depends on your flight preference. Required time ranges from 1 hours to 2.5 hours, which includes travel time to take-off, take-off procedures, and your actual flight.

Flight reservations

Get in touch with us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., contact form or telephone to schedule your desired flight. Once we are in contact, a date, time and meeting point will be scheduled. We suggest booking flights a week in advance of your preferred flight date to ensure optimal availability. Spontaneous bookings are welcome and accepted upon availability only.


We fly according to your wishes; however, we can’t control the Nature. Rainfall, fog, or strong winds may result in a rescheduling of your booked tandem flight. We therefore recommend that you confirm your booked flight with us the previous evening  of your scheduled flight in order.